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Independent, celebrant-led company giving families beautiful, affordable funerals in the Highlands, was established as an alternative to large funeral companies. Being smaller, we’re able to focus on providing families with caring, beautiful, memorable funerals for their loved ones, all at a reasonable price without unnecessary expenses. We are here to be a friend in your time of need.

We started this business in Sydney first as we wanted families to have choices. Choices on funeral venues, celebrants and how much to pay for a funeral. We don’t want the family to have regrets about the funeral or be burdened with debt afterwards.

And because we are independently owned and operated, we don’t report to shareholders or a board of directors. This means we focus on providing families with value over profit. We create funerals that honour and celebrate the life of their loved one without the expensive add-ons and without cutting corners.

Our strength is our transparent, attention to detail and caring approach that allows us to understand what families want and provide a beautiful celebration of a unique life that brings peace to the loved ones.

Highland Funerals Co. is a celebrant-led company that specialises in providing a personalised, modern, fresh approach to traditional and alternative funeral services.

We believe
Communication, transparency, gentleness and partnership is the cornerstone of our culture, which extends to the families we help. What’s more, the families feel cared for, understood and supported because our team lives by our culture, every day.

We attribute our culture to the values that guide us…

Transparency – we provide a complete itemised quote on every aspect of a funeral service to give our clients a choice on what they want to include or exclude. There are no hidden extras or surprises.

Affordability – we charge at cost price to us and offer a range of pricing options to suit different budgets. This means we don’t add mark-ups on mortuary fees, coffins or cemetery costs. What we get charged is what our client pays.

Guidance – we support and guide our clients to help them make the best decisions on their funeral requirements by giving as much information as possible and answering every question.

Choice – we give our clients the choice of funeral locations, so they can hold the funeral at a meaningful location. We don’t limit our services to chapels, churches or crematoriums. This means if the family wants to hold the funeral (not just a wake) at a special winery, a park or the golf club their loved one was a member of, then we can do this.

Understanding – we take time to listen to you and your family to understand what you want for your loved one and how we can uniquely celebrate their life. We come to your home to give you a comfortable space so you can share your personal stories with us.

Attention to detail – we make sure we have everything covered on the day to ensure the funeral service is peaceful, beautiful and special. This includes checking the audio-visual equipment works; having tissues, water bottles and sanitising cleaners on hand; ensuring the flowers are delivered to the right location; having the order of services ready to give out and cleaning the grounds before and after the service.

Care – we care about what we do and focus on making this is a special occasion for your loved one. Our funerals are treated as events that are planned with compassion, care and gentleness.

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